When words fail you, we won’t.

Maybe you’ve been saddled with writing the company newsletter, but you can’t organize your thoughts.

Maybe your communications materials, written by various “stringers of words”, are sending a splintered message. As a result, your corporate brand is getting lost in the clutter.

Or…frankly, the thought of having a root canal is more appealing to you than having to write something scintillatingly clever or even mildly engaging.

communications writer - Louise Desmarais


Mud Creative works with companies whose stories have gotten a little “muddy”.

We write with clarity and consistency. We take disjointed bits and pieces and make them gel. Leaning towers of complex subject matter are no match for our communications writers.

Mud Creative clients appreciate how we can quickly grasp their business, “learn” their customers, and clearly articulate why and how they’re better than the competition.

One communications writer. One pipeline. One story.

What really sets us apart is the skill to carry your brand message across all information channels so that everything works in unison. You don’t need to hire different writers for different projects like your website, your newsletter or your video. One communications writer can be the “keeper of your story” making sure that no matter where customers find you, your message stays solid and true.

What’s more, we have fun doing it. Mud Creative writers pour fresh enthusiasm and uniquely crafted copy into each project, time after time.

Headed up by Louise Desmarais, a marketing and communications writer, Mud Creative is an imaginative writing company backed by more than twenty-five years of experience writing for a staggering range of markets.

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