Help your customers solve their own problems with a self-serve knowledge base

Did you know that most people would rather solve their own problems than call a support centre? Hence the rise of the self-serve knowledge base.

A knowledge base is a repository of support or instructional articles (sometimes referred to as kbase articles) relating to the use of a product or service. Usually found within an online support centre (also known as a customer portal or help centre), a knowledge base may include how-to articles, FAQs, step-by-step videos, charts and other visual aids. For example, here is the Amazon help centre.

A self-serve knowledge base helps your customers quickly and easily find answers to problems and questions. It keeps repetitive questions from reaching your call centre making your agents more productive. Kbase articles can also support your agents if they need a primer on a product or service, or need to reference something quickly.

Mud Creative can help you develop your knowledge base by:

  • Categorizing help topics and articles – creating a kbase infrastructure
  • Establishing article formats (How-to articles, FAQs, videos)
  • Interviewing subject matter experts
  • Reviewing support tickets to unearth repetitive queries
  • Writing articles and video scripts
  • Determining interlinking structure of articles
  • Maintaining/updating articles to improve their usefulness, or to reflect product upgrades and new service additions

Do you have a product or service that requires a knowledge base? Talk to us about setting up an online self-serve customer help centre today.