Make a statement in print – hire a strong writer

Even in our digital world, there’s still something about the tactile feel of a printed piece. Print collateral pieces are required for trade show handouts or presentation leave-behinds, and they’re simply invaluable for reaching those who don’t live their whole lives online.

At Mud Creative, our writer and editor is proficient in composing copy for print promotional and marketing materials for B2B or B2C audiences. We can help you say it in:

  • Magazines and articles
    • Editorial planning for full magazines
    • Research, information gathering and interviews
    • Edit and write articles
    • Collaborate with layout designers
    • Proofread
  • Brochures
    • Content outline
    • Write copy
    • Collaborate with graphic designer
    • Proof layouts
  • Newsletters
    • Manage on-going development
    • Plan content calendar
    • Edit and write articles
    • Collaborate with designer
    • Proof layouts
  • Direct mail and print ads
    • Campaign concepts
    • Collaboration with designer
    • Write and proofread

If you need a writer to tell your story in touchy-feely materials headed for the printing press, we can help. Give us a call.