Make a statement in print – hire a strong writer

Even in our digital world, there’s still something about the tactile feel of a printed piece. We are proficient in composing copy for these promotional and marketing materials:

  • Magazines and articles
    • Editorial planning for full magazines
    • Research, information gathering and interviews
    • Edit and write articles
    • Collaborate with layout designers
    • Proofread
  • Brochures
    • Content outline
    • Write copy
    • Collaborate with graphic designer
    • Proof layouts
  • Newsletters
    • Manage on-going development
    • Plan content calendar
    • Edit and write articles
    • Collaborate with designer
    • Proof layouts
  • Direct mail and print ads
    • Campaign concepts
    • Collaboration with designer
    • Write and proofread

If you need a writer to tell your story in materials headed for the printing press, we can help. Give us a call.