Get your story straight with the help of a writer

When was the last time you did a thorough story audit on your company?

If you look at your web pages, blog posts, newsletters and print collateral, are they telling a consistent story? Are the words and images a current reflection of your business today…or a rear view mirror of what your business used to be?

If you were to Google your company, would the results be a mish-mash of articles, media releases and blog posts written by different people sharing disparate information about your business?

The thing is, if the materials coming directly from your company are presenting a fractured image, they get re-purposed by other people that way. Soon, your brand starts to get very fuzzy around the edges. And that’s not good. You need a writer to help you get your story straight.

The importance of a tight brand

Your brand is your company crusader with its own personality and style. Your brand recognizes and understands your customers, and knows how to relate to them. Your brand represents the experience your customers have when they do business with you.

Your brand personality is based on:

  • the values on which your company is built
  • the target customer you are serving
  • the benefits that you deliver to your customers
  • the promises you make and keep
  • the uniqueness of your brand that sets you apart from your competition

Your brand is your voice too. The words you use, the tone your writing takes, the style of your web copy – all of this needs to speak with one voice. If you have multiple materials that have been developed by different writers over time, chances are your brand essence is no longer coming through.

Most importantly, your brand must be authentic. It is a true, honest representation of what your company really is.

Mud Creative writers work out the wrinkles in your story

A Mud Creative writer will work with you to uncover the essence of your business, what makes you different, and why customers love doing business with you. We’ll talk to your salespeople to learn things like the questions most asked, problems that need to be solved, gaps in communication and more. We’ll perform a content audit of all your materials, and make recommendations to ensure they are telling the same story as well to ensure they are telling the right story. While we’re at it, we’ll develop a style guide with spelling preferences, copy conventions, approved boilerplate copy and other helpful information for others in your company to reference if they need to produce copy.

We’ll be the “keeper of your story”

Our writers will ensure that your brand stays true and your voice is consistent from touch-point to touch-point. No matter where your company brand is exposed to your customers and prospects – online, in video or through an email blast, all your materials will be pulling on the same rope.

Are your marketing materials sending mixed messages? Talk to us about hiring a writer to get your story straight today.