4 ways to make explainer video content sticky

December 10, 2019

People in the shape of videos playback button

There’s a lot of love for videos on the internet these days.

Social Media Week says that by 2022, the number of videos crossing the internet per second will approach 1 million translating into 82 percent of all online traffic.

If you’re considering making explainer or micro-learning videos part of your marketing strategy, make sure they have these four key ingredients to make them resonate and stick with your viewers.

  1. RelatabilityWe “get” you.

Even if your video reaches a million viewers a second, if they can’t relate to your message, they won’t be persuaded to take action. Worse, they won’t remember your brand. Show them you get where they’re coming from, and speak with (not “to”) your viewers in an accessible, relatable way using language they understand.

  1. Simplicity – It’s not as hard as you may think.

Avoid the impulse to cram everything into one video. If your product or service is complex, break it down into digestible chunks of information. Make the core message one that every viewer can understand. Consider other ways that you might be able to share more detailed information, such as a link to a white paper or pdf from your video should your viewer want to do a deep dive.

  1. Conflict – Your struggle is real. Here’s how we can help.

Most products or services solve a problem for their customers. Show them that you know their struggle is real – and then prove that you have the cure for what ails them. This makes your business more relatable (See #1). Incorporate testimonials or facts to demonstrate success and inspire viewers to take action.

  1. Story – Storytelling is the best way to learn.

Telling a visual story helps people grasp ideas and concepts more easily. Combining audio with captivating imagery helps your audience absorb your core message, and then bakes that information into their psyche. Turn your sell into a story. Draw viewers in with the captivating narrative, and they will stay with you to hear the exciting conclusion.

What other ingredients do you feel are necessary to make videos more memorable and impactful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.