Graphic design

Bringing your brand into alignment

November 08, 2014

Is your brand cowering in the corner, whipped into submission over the years by several writers taking a stab at it?

OK, that sounds more painful than it is. But the point is your “brand” may be suffering from an identity crisis. Read more

White Space in Graphic Design: Much Ado About Nothing?

July 06, 2009

Editor’s Note: This week’s post comes from Cheryl Wituik of Vortex Visual Concepts, a Registered Graphic Designer from London, Ontario. Cheryl likes to put a different spin on all things design, and in this article she talks about how filling white space with nothin’ at all is actually a good thing!

The title of William Shakespeare’s classic comedy, taken literally, implies that a great fuss is being made over something insignificant, or unimportant. However, I’ve borrowed this title to illustrate just the opposite can be true when talking about graphic design and layout.

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