The virtual office

Making a list and checking it twice

December 18, 2009

It’s the Christmas season. Do you know how I know?

IMG_0380_2_2_2I know it’s Christmas because I have no fewer than five lists on the go. My gift list, a secret gift list for my kids and husband, a list of year-end projects to complete, today’s MUD to do list, my grocery list… you get the picture.

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11 tips for communicating with the virtual team

March 25, 2009

These days, it’s not unusual to conduct business with team members in different cities or countries. Recently, I had an opportunity to work on an exciting project along with other individuals who were also outsourced.

We “met” every week through conference calls and our project manager, working from his home office, kept everyone on track. Although we were independents, it was important that we gelled as a team to deliver the best results for our client.

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