Why I like to use PRWeb for online press releases

March 06, 2009

I’ve been a fan of the press release distribution service, PRWeb, for several years now. The service has always been first rate. It’s easy to use and I can reach a real person by phone whenever I need to.

PRWeb releases hit top sites like Google News and Yahoo News – the #1-ranked online news site – as well as industry-specific websites and blogs. Depending on the level of service purchased, you can choose to issue your release to a number of specific industry and regional newsfeeds. At the top level, your release will be distributed to the Associated Press top-circulation daily newspapers.

Like many of us in this business, PRWeb has had to evolve with the changing landscape of the Internet. Now you can add images, PDFs, videos and podcasts to create the multimedia release. To capture the attention of the social media crowd, you can link it to your social media accounts.

Then there are the reporting functions of PRWeb. Want to know how well your release did? You’ll get a PDF report that indicates:

  • The number of headline impressions
  • The number of full page reads
  • Percentage of visits by country
  • Top 20 search terms used to find your release
  • Comparisons of releases for your organization
  • At the top level, your report will actually show you what city in the world your release readers are coming from

If you want to take advantage of this great service with a great press release, I can help. Let’s talk.


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