Shipping your online press release overseas – different story

November 06, 2008

In case you haven’t discovered the amazing webinars that PRNewswire offers, I highly recommend them.

One of my clients has hired me to write press releases for the European market. As part of my research, I attended the PRNewswire webinar called “Communicating your message globally on a tight budget.” I believe that the webinar can be accessed in the PRNewswire archives, but here are some nuggets I came away with: Read More

Giving credit on the web where it’s due

October 21, 2008

I’m currently working on a site that I’m very excited about for a number of reasons. I have been teamed up with some great and talented people. The client respects our work. And this site utilizes my SEO writing ability to the max. It’s a chance for me to show my stuff.

So, in a brief moment of selfishness, I asked the web developer if we could add a writing credit to the bottom. I was told that the only credit added is “Website designed by…”

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Post office blues

September 03, 2008

A recent blog from Sue Horner of Red Jacket Diaries bemoans the fact that there is no glamour in the air anymore. Airlines feeling the pinch of rising prices seem to have forgotten about flying higher for satisfied customers.

Happily, I am writing this as I enjoy a smooth and friendly Westjet flight from Calgary to London. ( Although, I had to switch planes in Winnipeg, so it remains to be seen if my suitcase will make it or not.) But I digress.

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Why climb an active volcano? Because it’s there!

September 02, 2008

Part of the islands surrounding Santorini is Nea Kameni, an active volcano that is literally a barren mountain of pitch-black lava rock. Nea Kameni is host to thousands of walkers who brave the trek to the top. We decide to enlist.

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Discovering the open road in Santorini

July 10, 2008

Our second full day on the island of Santorini and it stretches before us…what to do, what to do. We decide to rent a quad and explore this amazing island on our own.

After an unfortunate motorcycle incident in Calgary when Al peeled concrete off the road with his shoulder, I am hesitant to let him drive. But he reminds me that he took a quad course for work, so I concede. We head out, not sure where we are going and not really caring. The day is ours!

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The seduction of Santorini

July 08, 2008

Without realizing it, we had saved the very best for last on our incredible trip to Greece.

The ship’s cruise director announces that we are approaching the stunning island of Santorini. We look out across the water and see only walls of steep cliffs and rock formations. From this distance, it looks like the cliffs are snow-capped. Coming closer, I realize that the “snow” is actually hundreds and hundreds of buildings perched along the edge.

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Island hopping

July 04, 2008

Over the next two days, we set foot on three more Greek Islands: Patmos, Rhodes and Crete. Each one has its own special personality, and I am amazed at how one country can offer so many variations on a theme.

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Turkish delights

July 04, 2008

Not a Greek island of course, but still well worth a look-see is Kusadasi, Turkey. Unfortunately, we only have four hours here, and it is quickly obvious that it isn’t nearly enough time. Read More

Beer please, and keep ‘em coming!

July 04, 2008

We are back on the Aegean Pearl, this time as overnight passengers for the next three days as we explore more of Greece’s islands.

The Aegean Pearl is a small cruise ship with only 650 passengers – most of them during this run are either between the ages of 15 and 25, or 70 plus. We fall somewhere in the middle. The ship itself is a bit of disappointment. Read More

Going to town

July 04, 2008

True to her word, our Transat representative Sophie meet us in the lobby. She is full of valuable information about bus schedules, beaches to visit, stores that won’t rip us off, restaurants that serve good food etc. She also tells us about the automatic cover charge at restaurants (they charge you for bread right off the top) and the liberal views on the beaches (swimsuit optional).

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