At a loss for words when blogging?

July 22, 2009

Poor Sue Horner of Red Jacket Diaries has lost her blogging mojo. I enjoy Sue’s lighthearted style. She’s witty, insightful and always gives me something interesting to think about. Sue’s latest post is no exception. And since I wouldn’t want Sue to stop blogging due to a case of misplaced mojo, I wanted to share some tips that I’ve picked up along the way:

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Blogging. If it’s not part of your “here I am!” strategy – it should be.

June 22, 2009

Today I had tea with a group of entrepreneurial women at the monthly WHO (Women in a Home Office) meeting. I was invited to share what I know about creating a flow of traffic to one’s website. Among other things, we discussed the importance of having and maintaining a blog as part of a strategy to increase exposure. This is a synopsis of my presentation:

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Want better copywriting? Take a shovel to it!

June 08, 2009

I’m not what you would call a good gardener – but my friend Janine is. It seems that with a simple flick of her green thumb, Janine’s gardens magically transform into captivating arrays of colour, fragrance and style. When she offered to bring her special touch to my sad front garden, I jumped at the chance.

While digging in the dirt and learning how to make my garden grow, it struck me that there were some definite similarities between creating a beautiful garden and writing engaging copy.

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SEO. The quicker fixer upper – NOT!

April 05, 2009

Still a relatively new concept for many companies, SEO or Search Engine Optimization can seem like a magic pill. While it doesn’t happen overnight, in time, your newly SEO-ed site begins to rise in the rankings. You may notice you have more visitors, and maybe you start to see an increase in conversions or sales. These shifts must mean your SEO is working. Now that that’s done, you can relax, right?


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11 tips for communicating with the virtual team

March 25, 2009

These days, it’s not unusual to conduct business with team members in different cities or countries. Recently, I had an opportunity to work on an exciting project along with other individuals who were also outsourced.

We “met” every week through conference calls and our project manager, working from his home office, kept everyone on track. Although we were independents, it was important that we gelled as a team to deliver the best results for our client.

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Giving credit on the web where it’s due

October 21, 2008

I’m currently working on a site that I’m very excited about for a number of reasons. I have been teamed up with some great and talented people. The client respects our work. And this site utilizes my SEO writing ability to the max. It’s a chance for me to show my stuff.

So, in a brief moment of selfishness, I asked the web developer if we could add a writing credit to the bottom. I was told that the only credit added is “Website designed by…”

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Post office blues

September 03, 2008

A recent blog from Sue Horner of Red Jacket Diaries bemoans the fact that there is no glamour in the air anymore. Airlines feeling the pinch of rising prices seem to have forgotten about flying higher for satisfied customers.

Happily, I am writing this as I enjoy a smooth and friendly Westjet flight from Calgary to London. ( Although, I had to switch planes in Winnipeg, so it remains to be seen if my suitcase will make it or not.) But I digress.

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